“Kristen was my first choice when NJ Family Magazine asked me to edit their special edition on teens.  She knows who to interview, what questions to ask and how to drill down to the essence of the story, answering the ‘so what’ that makes people care.  Kristen’s articles are top-notch journalistically, she gets her work done on deadline and she does it within the word count that is assigned.“

Euna Kwon Brossman, Editor, Raising Teens Special Issue, NJ Family Magazine

  ——————————————————————————————————————   My work has appeared in numerous national, regional and online publications.  A selected list is below.



  • Supersized Scents (The Lohdown on Science Radio Show) [Read | Listen]



  • The ABCs of Multivitamins (SheKnows Diet & Fitness Magazine)
  • The Low Glycemic Index Diet: Choosing the Right Carbs for Better Health (


  • Kid Obsessions (Parenting Magazine)
  • Teens and Sex: A Whole New World (NJ Family Magazine, Special Issue—Raising Teens)
  • By the Book: Keeping Your Dog’s Vet Records in One Place Can Be a Lifesaver (Dog Fancy)
  • Puppy Love (ePregnancy Magazine)
  • Privacy, Please (ePregnancy Magazine)
  • Don’t Forget to Inspect (ePregnancy Magazine)
  • Making Your Money Work (ePregnancy Magazine)
  • Distance Is Relative: Keeping in Touch with Grandparents Despite the Miles (Family Forum Magazine)
  • Home Alone: Helping Your Younger Child Survive the First Day of School (Charlotte Parent Magazine)
  • The Real “Goods” on Goody Bags: 5 Ways to Make the Kids Happy While Not Breaking the Bank (Georgia Family Magazine)
  • Saving Santa: How to Tell Your Child the Truth While Keeping the Magic of the Season Alive (Big Apple Parent Magazine)